Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SXSW Film Festival: Typical Hollywood Politics

I was told today that the panel selection process is not final and that there is a minimum of four panelists and I am in the running for one of two slots as the "big names" are automatically chosen for two of the slots and us little guys have to wait in anticipation to see which of us will be lucky enough to be selected. The two panelists who are automatically on the panel are: Michael Mann's daughter and John McNaughton, whose film Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer was released in the Jurassic era of 1986, over 26 years ago! Needless to say I was very upset that I was told that I was on the panel and to publicize the fact that I was selected on the panel, only to now find out that it is still in the selection phase. Here is part of my response to this news:

"Why does the selection of four panelists not include Mann and McNaughton as it seems they are automatic choices? To be truly diplomatic, all of the names should be considered and not jut the "big names". This seems to be yet another case of the bug guys muscling out the little guys and that is sad. But believe me I understand the politics of Hollywood and that is why I left LA in disgust. Henry was released in 1986, that is over 24 years ago! Whereas I am a true crime filmmaker CURRENTLY immersed in serial killers and films on serial killers, CURRENTLY working on my third film on a serial killer. This proves that the panel selection is the typical practice of the Hollywood political system, which is very sad for a film festival such as SXSW to be participating in and is exactly why I tell filmmakers NOT to enter their films in festivals as they are throwing their money in the trash.

If you can please keep me posted on the selection process, that would be great, but to tell you the truth this whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth and rather than spending my limited funds on airfare and food for the conference, I may just allocate those funds to completing my film on Panzram. I am pretty certain that John McNaughton will not be paying for his own airfare."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

John Borowski is a confirmed panel member of the SWSW 2011 panel entitled: Reel Murder: From Crime Scene to Big Screen - Exact date and more info coming soon!

John Borowski has been awarded the Indy Film Wisconsin Film Hero Award (non studio).

Audio from Albert Fish wil be featured in a song by Sparzanza, to be released in February.

Albert Fish reviewed at Hayes Hudson's House of Horrors.

John Borowski has begun production on a documentary titled: SERIAL KILLER CULTURE. The documentary will examine how serial killers have influenced modern culture.

Panzram is finalizing production filming.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Panzram Shoot September 4 and 5

The weekend began stressful and began beautiful.

O.K., I am so over the Chicago Film Office debacle. I will document it in it's entirety soon as it is yet another strange story in the Panzram film saga. These last two days were amazing shooting days with plenty of great footage. What a great team: Eric Richter as D.P., Matthew Aaron as tattooist and still photographer, Ernesto Ghinaglia as Still Photographer, and excellent performances by David Salmonson and Brett Jetmund. Thank you everyone for your time, patience, and devotion.

We will all be waiting outside the Chicago jail at 7am. Waiting to hear from the Chicago Film Office. They last told me they will not know the status of permission granted to shoot at the jail until after 9am. The time agreed to by the Chicago Film Office is 7am. I first began speaking with them in April about shooting Panzram at the jail so now everyone can realize why I am so upset about the situation. Why wait until the day before the shoot to obtain all the signatures that are needed?

Anyway, I am over it and the weekend was great.

To Willy Laszlo: Nice to hang out with you back home! It was no Ringo concert, but I had a blast with you and Doug. Thanks man.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chicago Film Office gives preferential treatment to Hollywood, Pt. 1

The Chicago film office gave preferential treatment to Hollywood and screwed me for my Panzram shoot next week, even though I have all my materials to them way in advance. More to come.

Monday, August 2, 2010

NEWSLETTER, August 2010

Panzram reenactments are to be filmed around Chicago in September. Jail reenactments of Panzram's friendship with Henry Lesser are filming at the same City of Chicago jail where Public Enemies was filmed with Johnny Depp.

Holmes and Fish storyboards are featured in the book:
The Documentary Moviemaking Course.

Matthew Aaron is the tattoo artist for Panzram. Matthew designed the tattoos based on early American Sailor Jerry tattoos.

Scot Ryersson has completed a key prop for Panzram.

New Albert Fish Review at The Black Glove.

Borowski is teaming up with filmmaker Daniel Kraus for a third time and authoring his work series film, Professor, to DVD.

Chilean filmmaker Patricio Valladares' film, Toro Loco is now in post production. Borowski is an associate producer on the film.

Monday, April 19, 2010

NEWSLETTER April, 2010

Shooting: Late June. Seeking Caucasians–Young Panzram: 18-25, brown hair, slightly muscular, stocky build. Adult Panzram: 30-38, brown hair, muscular, stocky. Henry Lesser Jewish Jail Guard, 24-28. Send pix to: John Borowski, P.O. Box 607085, Chicago, IL 60660, email: johnborowskifilm@gmail.com. Pay, copy, credit, meals. Nonunion.

Seeking a set designer who can build a jail cell set which includes a cell door that slides open and closed. Basically three walls and jail bars/cell door. Very low budget and small scale period(early 1900's) documentary reenactment production. Must be creative and have walls that can be disconnected and switched out for different looks. Will also utilize green screen and shadows for effect. Pay for materials and your time.
EMAIL: johnborowskifilm@gmail.com

Friday, March 12, 2010


Netflix begins streaming HH Holmes and Albert Fish on April 15
Add the films to your Netflix cue and stream to computer, PS3 or XBOX!

Diabolical Radio Interview
Listen in as Diabolical Radio interviews Borowski. March 17, 10:00pm Eastern

"Albert Fish" screening in Greece. Grab the olive oil for flavoring!
Fish will be screened as part of the Screamin' Athens Film Festival on April 9 & 10.

"Toro Loco" brings Borowski on board as Associate Producer
Borowski is an associate producer on Chilean filmmaker Patricio Valladares' film, Toro Loco.

Borowski appearing in "The Dead Light District"
Filmmaker K.M. Jamison has chosen Borowski to play "Kemper" in his horror film shooting in Chicago summer of 2010.

Development of three part trailers for "Siren" commences
For the release of John Everson's latest book, Siren, Borowski is teaming up again with Eric Richter to film three trailers which will be released in the three weeks leading to the release of the book.

Reel Chicago Article
Borowski finishing last doc in ‘Killer Trilogy’ - New “Panzam” in same real-life murder genre.
Thanks to Ruth Ratny and Peter Adams

Borowski writing for In Cold Blog
In 2007, the site In Cold Blog nominated Albert Fish for a Capote Award for Best True Crime Documentary Film. Now, John Borowski is writing a monthly article for In Cold Blog. The article will discuss Borowski's films as well as true crime films and books.

Diabolical Radio Discusses the "13th" Trailer
Author John Everson discusses the Borowski-directed trailer which the interviewer states is "Definitely one of the better book trailers out there."


11-13 Year Old Male Actor Needed ASAP
Seeking young male actor to portray 12-year-old Carl Panzram.
Send pix & resumes to: johnborowskifilm@gmail.com or mail to: John Borowski, P.O. Box 607085, Chicago, IL 60660.
Seeking –Young Carl Panzram: 11-13, brown/black hair. Pay, copy, credit, and meals provided. Nonunion.

Recording John DiMaggio Voice Over in April
John DiMaggio's V.O. as Carl Panzram will be recorded In Los Angeles this April.

Filming in Minnesota
Filming commences in Panzram's birthplace, Minnesota, in April. Filling the shoes of historical detective, Borowski hunts down killer Carl Panzram's childhood farm based on a deed of land purchased by Carl's father, John Panzram. This deed was sent to Borowski by a gentleman who grew up in Minnesota and now resides in San Diego, CA. Borowski will also film the exterior of the Red Wing institution and interview Minnesota state historical society.

Reenactments to be Filmed in Summer of 2010
Reenactments for Panzram will be shot at various locations around the Chicagoland area this summer.

Visit the True Crime Film Merchandise Store where you can order T-Shirts, Posters, and more:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chicago Filmmakers

I attended the Chicago Filmmakers Meet up last night, which was very enjoyable. The meet up is like speed dating, where you are given so many minutes to talk to an individual then you switch and talk to another. A great way to meet other artists int he film community.

So I was talking to a composer who teaches at Columbia College whose name was Hummie. Let me preface this by stating that I am a huge film music fan and collect film soundtracks. The composer asked me if I was a fan of Mel Brooks. Of course. He then tells me he scored Brook's last two films. Then it hit me. This was Hummie MANN, film composer. I really love his score to Year of the Comet. Talk about shock and awe! I was honored to meet Hummie Mann. These are the little gems which are so great about Chicago film.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I was updating links on the Fish site and noticed something odd, but funny.

Look at the link next to my head which is a link to the actual payday loan site. Payday loans has a sense of humor!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Horrorbles Screening

There was a full house in attendance last night for the Horrorbles screenings of Holmes and Fish. Two people walked out on Fish and I thanked them as it was the ultimate compliment that they could not take any more of Fish's disturbing story. I was very impressed with atmosphere and style of the gallery at Horrorbles. The 16 seat theater is furnished with actual movie theater seats which are very comfortable.If you are a fan of horror, then you must visit Horrorbles.