Monday, August 2, 2010

NEWSLETTER, August 2010

Panzram reenactments are to be filmed around Chicago in September. Jail reenactments of Panzram's friendship with Henry Lesser are filming at the same City of Chicago jail where Public Enemies was filmed with Johnny Depp.

Holmes and Fish storyboards are featured in the book:
The Documentary Moviemaking Course.

Matthew Aaron is the tattoo artist for Panzram. Matthew designed the tattoos based on early American Sailor Jerry tattoos.

Scot Ryersson has completed a key prop for Panzram.

New Albert Fish Review at The Black Glove.

Borowski is teaming up with filmmaker Daniel Kraus for a third time and authoring his work series film, Professor, to DVD.

Chilean filmmaker Patricio Valladares' film, Toro Loco is now in post production. Borowski is an associate producer on the film.