Monday, April 19, 2010

NEWSLETTER April, 2010

Shooting: Late June. Seeking Caucasians–Young Panzram: 18-25, brown hair, slightly muscular, stocky build. Adult Panzram: 30-38, brown hair, muscular, stocky. Henry Lesser Jewish Jail Guard, 24-28. Send pix to: John Borowski, P.O. Box 607085, Chicago, IL 60660, email: Pay, copy, credit, meals. Nonunion.

Seeking a set designer who can build a jail cell set which includes a cell door that slides open and closed. Basically three walls and jail bars/cell door. Very low budget and small scale period(early 1900's) documentary reenactment production. Must be creative and have walls that can be disconnected and switched out for different looks. Will also utilize green screen and shadows for effect. Pay for materials and your time.