Sunday, September 5, 2010

Panzram Shoot September 4 and 5

The weekend began stressful and began beautiful.

O.K., I am so over the Chicago Film Office debacle. I will document it in it's entirety soon as it is yet another strange story in the Panzram film saga. These last two days were amazing shooting days with plenty of great footage. What a great team: Eric Richter as D.P., Matthew Aaron as tattooist and still photographer, Ernesto Ghinaglia as Still Photographer, and excellent performances by David Salmonson and Brett Jetmund. Thank you everyone for your time, patience, and devotion.

We will all be waiting outside the Chicago jail at 7am. Waiting to hear from the Chicago Film Office. They last told me they will not know the status of permission granted to shoot at the jail until after 9am. The time agreed to by the Chicago Film Office is 7am. I first began speaking with them in April about shooting Panzram at the jail so now everyone can realize why I am so upset about the situation. Why wait until the day before the shoot to obtain all the signatures that are needed?

Anyway, I am over it and the weekend was great.

To Willy Laszlo: Nice to hang out with you back home! It was no Ringo concert, but I had a blast with you and Doug. Thanks man.