Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 2013 Newsletter

Fundraiser Success! 
Thank you to everyone who contributed to to the Serial Killer Culture Fundraiser, making it a successful campaign raising $2,850 total, which was beyond the goal of $2,500. Perks which are available now will be sent out this Saturday. If you chose a perk of the Serial Killer Culture DVD, then you will receive the DVD when the film is complete. Thank you again. 
Interview with Borowski in a new book.
The book, How to Make Movies by Kevin Lindenmuth is an excellent resource for indie filmmakers. John Borowski was one of the indie filmmakers interviewed for his expertise in writing, producing and directing indie films. VIEW DETAILS of the book on Amazon.com 
Borowski's films screening in France.
From March 29th to April 28th 2013, "On the Road to Crime" ("Sur la route du crime") an event with 11 meetings with cops, profilers, judges, psychologists, surviving victims, victims' associations, etc. about criminology, true crime and serial killers. Holmes, Fish and Panzram will screen. VISIT THE SITE 
April 3, 2013 Netflix premieres Panzram.
Carl Panzram finally arrives on Netflix streaming in HD. Panzram is the ultimate symbol of mankind's hatred and destruction through pain, torture, war and death.

VIEW the Netflix page. 
VIDEO: Murder Junkies Album Art
Matthew Aaron and Rich Hillen, Jr. designed artwork for the new Murder Junkies album entitled "A Killing Tradition". Check it out, it has been called the Sgt. Peppers of serial killer artwork. Can you name all the killers? VIEW the video.