Monday, February 25, 2013

Your help/contributions are still needed for Borowski’s Serial Killer Culture fundraiser!

MORE PERKS FOR $25 CONTRIBUTIONS! SERIAL KILLER LETTERS - ART - AND HAIR! Help Filmmaker John Borowski make his goal!

Only $85 more is needed to make the Serial Killer Culture Documentary Fundraiser a success. Only 4 Days Left!


Serial Killer Letters – Hair - Artwork for your contributions!

Email me if you are interested in the following perk packages, each of these are for a $25 contribution:

  • 5 Herbert Mullin envelopes, handwritten with his name is written H.W.Mullin on each.
  • 1 HW letter from Mullin with a small drawing at the end, letter signed Herb Mullin
  • Several handwritten jokes and notes from John Norman Collins, signed John and an envelope from him typed John Chapman
  • 3 Handwritten letters from Edward Spreitzer, each of them several pages long.
  • 4 envelopes from Edward Spreitzer, all handwritten
  • Handwritten envelope from Richard Paul White
  • Handwritten envelope from Eddie Sexton
  • Letter/Envelope from Michael Terry
  • Full Dorthea Puente signature on a card that goes with her cookbook "I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I've enjoyed making them. Dorthea Puente"
  • Right hand tracing from Dana Gray signed in full 
  • Doug Clark package: 1 signed document: Update on death penalty ballot initiative, 1 signed newspaper pic of San Quentin, and a SMALL LOCK OF HIS HAIR.
  • Phil Jablonski Package: 1 letter signed as Phil, 1 5x7 clown art written Phil Jablonski, 1 deadly urges signed paper photo.
  • 1 Peter Sutcliffe Letter, Signed as Pete.
  • Tommy Sells letter, No signature, typewritten, Tommy Sells.
  • 2 Checks, 1 signed by Herb Baumeister and 1 signed by Juliana Baumeister
  • Two Michael Ronning signed greeting cards
  • Lock of hair and hand prints of Dana Gray. 

READ Katherine Ramsland’s Interview with filmmaker John Borowski on the Psychology Today site: