Friday, October 2, 2009

October 09 update

The Chicago Horror Film Festival was held at the Portage theater this last weekend, Sept. 25 thru 27 and was a fantastic event. The program listed me as"John Borowski Presents...", which is awesome as a friend of mine once told me that I should distribute other filmmaker's dvd's as "John Borowski Presents", I guess it's a nod to Hitchcock. At the fest, I unveiled the new dvd artwork for H.H. Holmes (now includes the awards won on the bottom 1/4 of the cover art.) as well as autographed DVD's and was on stage to screen trailers, discuss Panzram and also had a Q&A with Mr. Willy, the fest's host. I encourage more people to check out the Portage Theater as they screen many classic films in 35mm, like the classic "The Bat" which is screening soon.

Since moving back to Chicago from Los Angeles, I have attended several festivals here in Chicago. It is so great to be welcomed back to my home town. In future blogs I will discuss bot the highs and lows of living in LA. I actually miss some aspects of it now, Amoeba music being the number one thing I miss- there are now music stores in Chicago! Since the closing of Tower and Virgin, there is only Best Buy. I am on the search for smaller music stores which sell vinyl and used cd's/dvd's. I know Evanston has some music stores.

Panzram is moving forward. Panzram's case is the most research heavy film I had done so far. I have a mountain of paperwork. Panzram fascinates me more than any other subject as there is no one label that can define him.Every time I work on the film, I am discovering new aspects of Panzram's personality. The next steps are to shoot in Minnesota and record John DiMaggio's voice.

Marc Levits' has chosen me to author the DVD for his excellent film, Feast of the Assumption: The Otero Family Murders. More info here:

This month, I will be interviewing the owners of a house on the property where H.H. Holmes murdered Howard Pitezel for inclusion in a Holmes special edition DVD.