Saturday, January 24, 2009

Download Serial Killers

January, 2009 marks the first time ever that I have entered the digital download phase of distribution of H.H. Holmes and Albert Fish. has opened amazing opportunities for independent filmmakers by allowing filmmakers to rent and sell their films online via digital downloads. For $1.99 you can rent the films and view for up to 7 days. For $9.99 you can download and own the films.

Here are the links: H.H. Holmes - Albert Fish

These are the only legal downloads of these films which I have personally authorized. Purchasing the digital downloads from Amazon and purchasing the DVD's from the official sites are the only methods I approve for viewing and purchasing these films.

I also recommend any independent filmmaker who wishes to distribute their films get in contact with Amazon and pursue these same distribution methods. I author DVD's if you need these services. The great aspect of downloads and print/view on demand is that the filmmaker authors a DVD then incurs to further out-of-pocket costs. The filmmaker receives a profit which can be verified online, there are no hiden fees or marketing fees, which is a huge problem with the traditional distribution process.

These methods of distribution are the future of independent filmmaking.