Friday, August 15, 2008

Trailer Park Boys

I want to tell everyone about Trailer Park Boys, a Canadian comedy TV series which I am currently addicted to. I discovered the series by renting Trailer Park Boys-The Movie (which is great). I then began my search to find the series and, unsurprisingly, I could not find any DVD's of the series in the film and TV capitol of the world, Los Angeles, CA. So I had to purchase the DVD's direct from the great land of Canada. The writing is great and the characters are endearing. I am a huge fan of the show and am now on season five.

The video games I am currently playing are: Turok and Bad Company.

My daytime work gig is taking up all my time and energy. I hope to bounce back and begin work on Panzram again soon.

I viewed The remakes of The Fly and The Fly II recently in preparation of seeing The Fly opera in LA this September. I really enjoyed the films, especially the Fly II and noticed that Darabont was involved and it makes so much sense why I enjoy it so much. The relationship between the young Seth and his dog is very touching. The make-up F/X on both films is amazing. The films prove that makeup was at it's height when CG came into being. The beginning of Hollywood's laziness which continues through today.